Beware of Highgate Park

highgate park hoa does selective enforcement and discriminate against the disabled
Beware of Highgate Park HOA Community!
The HOA board members do whatever they want and don’t care.   
Landscaping services included with the HOA are horrible as well other services provided by other vendors.  
Complaining again and again about the same problems does nothing.  They choose to renew the vendors contracts and agreeing to the increase of prices instead of looking for better companies.  
Paying too much for the poor quality of services being received.   This has been going on for years and getting worst.  
This has been my opinion based on my experience living in this community.  

A Divided Community Not Belonging

It is a shame that some people in Highgate Park have decided to be so divided and exclude residents/owners from participating in community-related involvement. The same people who decide who to allow, including allowing former owners that no longer have anything to do with the community.

An owner here has set up and provided a way for not only owners but also former owners to get to know what goes on in the Highgate Park community, including HOA business, and even get to see and hear the HOA meetings that are meant for owners only. The Board knows about it, is okay with it, and sees nothing wrong with it. They even allow this to be advertised at the HOA official Facebook group and have mentioned it at previous meetings.

An excluded owner, by their choice, I feel as though I am not a part of the Highgate Park community and I am made to feel as though I do not even live here.

There is a Holiday Light Contest coming up and as an owner at this community I only found out because the organizer, Kerri Hill, let me know about it. Thank you Kerri for letting me know. Had it not been for her, I would not have been allowed since this was posted on and a large portion of the owners read the post on the private Facebook group for Highgate; a group that is administered by an owner and is not the official group of Highgate Park.

The owner and administrators/moderators of the group do not allow me in the group and block others like myself on Facebook so we cannot see their postings. It is a disadvantage when there are questions posted in the official HOA Facebook group done by the board that they use to communicate with owners and any information they provide one does not get to see either the question or the reply because either the person asking or anyone who replies has you blocked. That is the way Facebook works. When you block someone you don’t see anything they post or comment on nor can they see anything you post or comment on anywhere.

They also use this to their advantage to talk trash about others and spread lies, as they often do about me in that group. A lot of what they say is considered defamation of character. Also makes new owners here that don’t know me or know nothing about me believe what they are told. Unfortunately, not everyone takes their time to do their homework, research, bother to get the info from the source, or find out the truth. They also talk bad about other people and make fun of them, being brave while hiding behind the protection of a computer monitor.

Recently I’ve been told by others that I am not the only one and there are others that feel they don’t belong.

This community is going down the drain, it is not as good as it seems like, and I don’t recommend it to anyone. Save your money. Save yourself headaches and complications dealing with some of the people here and especially the HOA here, and buy somewhere else. Move if/when you can. You will be glad you did. Highgate Park is also expensive on HOA fees for what you get. Could be much lower. Many other communities out there offer much more for about the same and/or a little more.

This is my personal opinion based on my experience(s) after living in Highgate Park for the last 4 years.

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